Gastronomic Tourism – Trend of 2017

Gastronomic tourism or, so-called, culinary tourism is winning the world. No wonder as what people have perceived with sense of perception remain in their memory for a long time. Food is one of the best ways to explore a particular country and culture. Most people associate sushi with Japan, pizza – with Italy, and croissants – with France. Many tourists use a reliable affiliate program and company, for gastronomic tourism


According to travel agencies 2017 has been a booming year for gastronomic tourism. It brings an absolutely new angle to travelling. Tourists get a chance to experience everything through the taste. They are not takes to traditional tourist spots. On the contrary, tourists are taken to great restaurants and places where they can try local cuisine. If you want to try new delicacies, book a culinary tour in a travel agency. Considering the demand for culinary tours, a majority of travel agencies do their best to offer something unusual.


Reasons to Go on a Gastronomic Tour

You have probably been on a traditional tour and know perfectly well how it works. You visit crowded tourists spots, listen to the history of a certain place, and in the evening go to a local café or restaurant you have seen before. Why not to try something new and go on a culinary trip?

Reason 1. Food becomes the motivation. The main goal of your trip is to experience new tastes, not to see new places and buildings. Gastronomy exploration has become number 1 motivation for most Americans this year, proving that people want something new.

Reason 2. Gastronomic travelling promotes local identity. You will not go to Italy to try sushi because you know that this is traditional food of a different country. Culinary tourism helps travelers connect their own impressions and perception with culture and country they visit through food. In fact, even in one country cuisine and recipes might vary greatly depending on a region.

Gastronomic Tourism

Tips of Gastronomic Tourism

Before booking a gastronomic tour, prepare yourself for the trip. It will give you a clue where to go and what you should be ready for. Read articles on national cuisine and main ingredients. Learn recipes of traditional dishes. You can also buy a couple of cooking books and prepare several dishes at home. In such a way, you will understand whether you like specific ingredients that prevail in some cuisines or not.  

Once you have decided where to go, surf the Net and look for special gastronomic events during the time of your stay. From time to time restaurants organize special evening with chefs or a cooking session. These events are not cheap but definitely worth spending money.

Gastronomic Tourism

As far as money is concerned, no matter how much money you take, take a travel credit card as a backup plan. These cards offer tourists nice bonuses and discounts.

If you are looking for new experience and impressions, do not hesitate to book a gastronomic tour. This is a great way to learn new culture and get unforgettable impressions.