TOP Movies of 2017

Cinematography has become an important part of our everyday life. Most people would agree that it is hard even to imagine it without going to the cinema. 2017 has been a fruitful year, especially for those who love decent movies. Fall is the right time to sum up and define the list of the best movies in 2017. Even though there are still some good movies on the way, movie critics have already named the list of TOP movies of 2017.

The Best Comedies of 2017

If you love having fun, you love watching good comedies, and you have definitely seen one of the following comedies:

  • Girls trip. This is a funny story of reunion of four old friends. Four women go to the annual Essence Festival and face with numerous hilarious stories on the way. This is the right movie to watch along with old female friends as it has numerous jokes that only ladies can genuinely understand. 

    Girls trip
    Girls trip
  • I do not feel at home in this world anymore. Fans of dark comedies really love this movie. Ruth is a young woman, who teams up with her neighbor to revenge on all those people who make their life unbearable. The script might not sound very funny but the movie is really hilarious and worth watching.
  • Logan lucky. This movie is a so-called return of Steven Soderbergh. The movie is about two brothers, who are planning to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway. Their crazy scheme includes taking from and returning to a prison an explosive expert. 

    Logan lucky
    Logan lucky

The Best Documentaries

It is also worth mentioning documentaries – movies about real people and real life problems. Most of these movies are notable due to raising complex issues and great demonstration. Here are just the most brilliant:

  • City of Ghosts. A great movie raising the problem of ISIS crimes. A group of journalists is documenting ISIS crimes, and find out about their plan to kill an important person. 

    City of Ghosts
    City of Ghosts
  • I call him Morgan. Jazz fans definitely know who Morgan is. This a story of Lee Morgan, his work and music career, life ups and downs.

The Best Action Movies of 2017

Last but not the least important movies are action movies that have greatly pleased movie goers this year too. Among the best you will find:

  • Atomic Blonde. A charming and stylish Charlize Theron is playing the main heroine in this film, who is a secret agent at times of the fall of Berlin Wall. Dynamic and catching film – you will like it for sure!
  • Baby driver.  It may come as a surprise but some people believe the movie has a very traditional plot while others are convinced that that it is a story with a twist. A young driver is trying to start a new life with a lovely girl and break away from his crime boss. The movie is featured with great soundtracks . 

    Baby driver
    Baby driver

Now, if you get bored during long winter evenings, you have a selection of great movies to watch at home. Do not forget to check what is new in the cinemas to keep up with new movies.

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