How To Cut Down On The Costs Of Moving Home


If you’re moving home, there’s no denying it’s going to be an expensive ordeal. It seems everywhere you look, everyone you speak too and every appointment you attend requires a fee or charge of some sort. Some things are inevitable, unavoidable and often a saving grace such as solicitors and surveyors, however, there are many places where you could definitely save a few pounds without giving yourself any unnecessary stress.

De clutter

A stress free home makes for a stress free family; and clutter is definitely a root cause for unnecessary stress. Start your moving process by systematically and quite ruthlessly getting rid of anything you don’t want or need. Items such as clothes, spare parts and furniture which is shabby, broke or simply unused can find a  much better home in the charity shop or the tip, leaving you with a clearer home and mind and most importantly, less stuff to move, making it cheaper and easier.

Double check measurements

Make sure you have the exact measurements of all of your larger household items, the new house, any storage you’re renting and most importantly, the removal van. If you take a guess at the size of your wardrobe and the alcove in the new bedroom you may end up with an oversized piece of furniture simply hanging around, and if you weren’t too attached to it you could have saved yourself the effort and got rid before moving. Check and double check that everything you’re taking will fit not forgetting beds, sofas, furniture, any outdoor equipment and curtains, it will save you time, money and energy in the long run. If it doesn’t fit and you aren’t completely in love with it, don’t move it, it’s easy to think it might come in useful at some point, but in the meantime it will only get in the way or spend the next six years in storage. Make sure you aren’t over spending on storage, everyone has a lot of stuff, but you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fit everything into a small storage space. With some good planning and elbow grease you can have lighter objects stacked on top of taller ones, and whilst being safe and secure, you can have your entire home stacked from floor to ceiling, which could cut the floor space by half. So think again about how much you’re paying for, and of course, don’t get roped into getting extra space if it’s not completely necessary. Finally, the removal van itself is a great place to cut costs. Make sure you have ample space to get everything in one trip, but don’t over estimate, not many homes require a freight lorry to pick up their things and that probably includes you.

Do it yourself

Of course, you could cut extra costs altogether and do a lot of it yourself; the easiest place is by moving home alone and not paying for the help of removal companies. Renting a van can often be cheaper, but if you have a friend with a van or a large car, a round or two at the pub as way of thanks is miles cheaper than a removal company. Not only will you save money it will also be a lot less stressful and chaotic than relying on companies. You will be completely in control of the move and the timings minimizing the panic caused by bad timing, late staff and having strangers handle all your worldly possessions.

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