How To Gain Muscle Without Fat


In ancient times there were many people who had well developed muscle and looked extremely trim.

If you have any doubt about this take a look at many statues and images from historic data to see just how well the people were developed.

So, how did they gain muscle without fat?

Dynamics of Muscle Building Have Changed Forever

Today, we are told to eat unbelievable amounts of food in conjunction with lifting weights to build muscle. However, the side effects of can sometimes lead to massive fat gain.

In the past, many of the ancient Olympic athletes ate much less than we are recommended today, yet they had outstanding physiques; they did gain muscle without fat.

Facts about ‘Bulking’

We are led to believe that it is necessary to eat large volumes of food in order to build any extra muscle. However, many studies today outline that there is no scientific evidence to support this theory.

Brad Pilon, author of ‘Eat Stop Eat’ and ‘How Much Protein?’ eats very little compared to other gurus in the health and fitness niche, however he is in extremely good shape and continually breaks the pattern of what we perceive to be fact.

Facts about Muscle Building

Studies indicate that an extra 1 pound of muscle only burns an extra 5 calories. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to be eating 3500 calories to create the caloric surplus in order to gain muscle.

So, How to Gain Muscle Without Fat?

To gain muscle without fat a more straightforward approach would be to eat just slightly above your basal metabolic rate, thereby keeping your fat gain off and by exercising in a progressive resistance manner in order to get stronger. As you get stronger you will notice that you are getting bigger. This takes hard work, persistence and lots of dedication in order to get to your ideal goal.

Patience is key to gain muscle without fat, however many people who follow this approach are much happier with their physiques than those who follow the traditional ‘bulking’ philosophy. Just remember, you may not put on as much weight as the ‘bulking’ people but you will put on as much muscle, if not more than the others.

In the long term the effect of gaining muscle without fat is a much more healthy approach. This is because you will look better, feel better and have more realistic expectations as you are not continually ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ like so many others out there. To learn more about the items to include in your diet that can help you gain muscle without fat, visit this website:

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