How To Get Employment Visa?


Singapore is one of the most vibrant economies of Asia. Singapore is one of the few Asian countries that are considered developed. People from all across the globe wish to settle in Singapore because of the vast amount of opportunities that they will receive in the country. Entering Singapore as an employee is not an easy task, as there are certain conditions a person need to fulfil to be able to get the employment visa for Singapore. In Singapore, an employment visa is normally called an ‘employment pass’ and is issued to the foreign entrepreneurs, managing directors and shareholders. This pass allows them to establish and manage their business in this amazing country. The visa also serves as a work visa that are given to the supervisors, professionals, managers and workers that have special skills.

Requirements to get an employment visa for Singapore

  • A person applying for an employment visa for Singapore must have a salary rate of at least $2,500.
  • He/she should have an educational degree (either Bachelors or Masters) of a reputed college or school.
  • There are certain professional skills that are required by the visa officers to approve the employment visa.
  • A person having specialized skills and talents will be a plus.
  • A good amount of work experience is also required.

These five factors are the most important ones, but aside these, there is a Ministry named MOM (Ministry of Manpower) that makes the decision as to whether the visa should be approved or not. The decision is based upon the age of the applicant, current citizenship he/she holds and the roles and responsibilities he/she has in the company. An important point to remember is, an educational qualification doesn’t automatically make a person eligible for an Employment Pass. The Ministry of Manpower has the exclusive rights to give this employment pass to those applicants who have an outstanding professional skills and work experience. Educational qualifications may be overlooked in that scenario, so fulfilling all the important aspects should be the first priority of the applicants.

There are three main categories in the Employment pass in which the applicants’ fixed monthly salary rate is divided:

  • P1 Pass: People earning a salary of $7,500 will earn this pass.
  • P2 Pass: This pass is given to the foreign applicants who earn a fixed monthly salary between $3,500 and $7,000.
  • Q1 Pass: This pass is issued to those people who have a monthly salary of about $2,500.

Ministry of Manpower, Singapore rejects those cases who fail to fulfil the desired conditions or lack the supporting documents. However, people can resubmit their file by adding the necessary documents showing their eligibility to get an Employment Pass.

People having an employment pass need to notify the MOM in case, they have switched the company in the Singapore. It is important to keep the Ministry in the loop in order to avoid any hassles later on. Keep these things in mind and you will do fine in Singapore.

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