How To Grow Blackberry Plants


Can I grow blackberry plants in my harden? How to grow blackberry plants is surprisingly easy. Compared to other bushes with berries, black berries are surprisingly easy to grow. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to have a lot of space to grow blackberries.

The same thing goes for some of the fruit trees for sale that you may see.

Can I grow Blackberries in A Pot?

Providing you feed and water your blackberries, there is no reason why you can’t grow them in a pot. However, it has to be said there is a general rule when it comes to growing blackberries in a pot. First of all, the pot needs to be large. The bigger the better is what you should aim for.

Can I Grow Blackberries in Grow Bags?

This a good alternative to growing blackberries in pot. Once again, you need to make sure the plant has plenty of space to spread its roots.

A large 50 litre grow bag would make a good home to about two blackberry bushes. Don’t lose sight of the fact that blackberries bushes need to spread out. Blackberry bushes grow fast and like to spread as they do so. If you only have a small garden, it is important to remember to cut them back before the start of the growing season.

Do I Need to Protect My Blackberry Bushes from the Birds?

Yes, you do. Birds and other critters love blackberries. If you have squirrels visiting your garden, you will find that they will love to share your blackberry harvest with you.

That is if there is anything left to share. Squirrels can quickly finish off your precious black berries in a matter of hours.

What About Growing Black Berries in Polytunnels?

Yes, you can try that. But, what you must remember that blackberries need the help of pollinators. If you are going to grow your berries in a polytunnel, you have to make sure you leave it open. That way, pollinators can get in and do their jobs.

You may even want to encourage them by tempting with flowering herbs such as lavender and chamomile.

In Conclusion

Find out about different varieties of blackberries at the same time as you shop around for fruit trees for sale by browsing Growing berries in your own garden is a fantastic way of adding to your larder for the winter and cooler part of the year.

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