How To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy On A Budget


Having a dog these days means quite a bit more than just having man’s best friend at your side. There are many different ways to keep your dog healthier and more energized than before and it’s all very easily accessible from your home office. Feeding your dog the right food with the right nutrients is a good start for a dog’s health, but there are so much more you could be doing to ensure that your furry friend is around for the long haul.

The first step is to make sure all the food your dog is ingesting is of quality ingredients. Sugar, saturated fats, and processed chow are terrible for your companion just like it is for humans. It might be slightly more expensive to buy the food with actual vitamins and nutrients, but it’s definitely the price you pay for having a healthier, happier dog. Also, make sure the treats you give your pup are also filled with vitamins and minerals without all the junk that litters most nutrition labels.

The next step is to make sure you have the right vet supplies on hand for your dog in case he gets sick. You’ll need to have some antibiotics, fortified treats, insect control medications, and anything else specialized for your pet.

Not just the vitamins and different types of medications for the dog, the vet also diagnoses if the pet is going through some serious health related issues like kennel cough and allergies. You can learn about the Kennel Cough by visiting this link:

These are just the essentials to protect your dog from anything that may befall the little guy. You can get all these great products, including some shampoo and conditioner, for a much lower price if you shop online instead of at traditional pet stores like Petsmart or Petco. These places tend to mark up all their supplies and food. Getting all your treats and supplies online can actually cut 30% – 50% of the costs to owning a pet while getting higher quality products in exchange.

If you are not currently going online to shop your veterinarian supplies, doggie vitamins, and all meat treats, then you are spending too much on your dog for inferior products. Be conscious of everything your dog is ingesting just like you are aware of what you put in your body as well. It will pay off in later years when your dog gets older. Taking care of your dog’s teeth, joints, stomach, and anything else to do with his health is a big responsibility many owners tend to slack on. Do your research and be aware of what your dog needs before he needs it.

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