Important Ms Office Applications For Businesses


MS Office is an important computer program or office suite, which serves Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Initially, this office suite had Microsoft Excel, MS Word and MS Power Point. However, over the year, it substantially grew and added a few more features like MS Visual Basic, OLE, spell checker, Outlook, Publisher, Access and OneNote.

Be it a small or large scale business, with MS Office, you can increase your productivity as well as improve your communications. This software offers smart tools, which are quite spontaneous. These tools help you analyze your official or personal data in a much simpler manner. With the MS tools, you can manage your business budget, make notes, present and organize your data, and also share documents over the internet.

These applications also have pre designed templates which are ideal for companies who can use it to create and disseminate information in lesser time. MS Office allows you to make any real time changes on your presentations.

Some of the most commonly used MS Office applications in business organizations are as follows:

MS Office PowerPoint

This is one of the most widely used applications to make presentations on Windows and Mac OS. It comes with several features, which help you to portray your company’s data in a more systematic way. MS Power Point comprises of many slides or pages. These slides can contain graphics, text, movies and sounds, which can be arranged in the manner you like. If the user is new to MS Power Point, then he or she many use the Slide Master Option. This particular part of the software also has a viewer option which can be used while presenting your company’s data in a meeting. Incase you want to send the presentation to the attendees of the meeting, then you can easily convert it into the PowerPoint Viewer and role it out through an email.

MS Office Excel

This particular application is basically a spreadsheet, which allows you to carry out arithmetical calculations, make table charts, graphs and others. This application also provides Visual Basic for Applications programming. By using MS office Excel, you simplify your day-to-day tasks like comparing and analyzing the data.

MS Outlook

This information management tool from Microsoft is available as both, a part of the MS Office suite or an individual application. It widely used to send and receive emails. However, it can also be used as task manager, calendar, for making notes, contact manager, web browser and a journal. Multiple users of an organization can use this application such as having shared calendars and mailboxes, public folders, meeting schedules, SharePoint lists and others.

MS Office Word

It can easily be described as one of the most popular choices for creating and proofreading text documents. In the business world, MS office Word is a powerful tool. It is used for creating memos, legal copies, letterheads and letters, and also reference documents. This application comes with various features like you can easily make professional quality documents, simplify your work and save time.

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