Keeping your car healthy


The accompanying checks ought to be done when your auto hasn’t been used for a few hours and is parked on a level surface.


Remove the dipstick and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel. Return it into the tube, guaranteeing it is completely home. Evacuate and take a look at the imprint left by the oil. It ought to be somewhere between maximum and minimum. In the event that it is beneath this level, add a little volume of the right oil. Sit tight a couple of minutes for it to drain into the engine before checking once more. Oil ought to never be over the maximum imprint.


Most autos have a transparent plastic coolant extension tank. A shaded fluid (generally green, pink, orange or purple) ought to be noticeable. The level will sit some place between the base and maximum imprints. The cooling system is fixed and shouldn’t lose coolant. In the event that the level drops, get the system checked at a car servicing shop. Use the right coolant on the off chance that you top up the reservoir.


Check pressure with a hand-held gauge. Suggested pressure is on a sticker on one of the front door’s end boards, or inside the fuel filler fold. Tire weights must be checked when is cold because pressure increase during driving as tires warm up. Check the tire tread is wearing equitably over the entire tire. In the event that wear is more noteworthy on the inner or external edge, the suspension ought to be checked and balanced by a garage. Between the tread blocks are tread wear markers. At the point when the tread wears to the highest point of these, the tire must be replaced. For further information on how to check tire pressure manually visit this website:


Your vehicle’s brakes are its most important security system, and one that ought to be kept up routinely and not underestimated.

A review of your vehicle’s brakes is a fantastic idea whenever of the year, particularly in the event that you’ll be going in a vehicle loaded with travelers and gear, or a vehicle that is pulling a trailer.

On numerous models with a programmed transmission, drivers don’t pay this optional braking mechanism much attention, however in case of hydraulic stopping system failure; the emergency brake is expected to guarantee stopping power is still accessible. Accordingly, it is important brake system part to maintain.

Brake fluid

The reservoir for liquid is mounted on or close to the bulkhead which is the metal board isolating the engine straight from the passenger compartment. Try not to uproot the cap as the liquid absorbs water from the air. Simply shake the reservoir gently so you can see the liquid move. It shouldn’t be underneath the minimum imprint.


Verify the gearbox is in neutral and handbrake on. Switch on the ignition, then the headlights. Check the headlights and back lights work, including the main bar. Brake and switching lights are trickier however you can check both by turning around towards a wall and searching for the reflection. Get detailed information about auto repair and maintenance on this dedicated website:

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